About us

Welcome to Mojocreatives - the new world of cultural media.

We are an online development and distribution company with a passion to create and play. We are an organization who love to have fun with what we do and then share that enjoyment from a cultural perspective through all of our sites.

Mojocreatives is one of the fastest growing media platforms online with tens of millions of people watching and playing our productions every month. With diverse mediums both online and on mobile.

Our wide array of productions in gaming and video help us stay atop the needs and wants of viewers worldwide. We urge you to browse through the site and contact us with any further inquiries.

Our Team

  • Michael OjoFounder & President
  • Nick NealVideo Editor
  • Taji MorrisSocial Media Specialist
  • Phong NhaDeveloper/Programmer
  • Tobi OjoEditor
  • Lilah WestrickScreener
  • Stephanie GloverContent Manager
  • Ese OtomieworEditor

Our Brands

    African shows on demand.

    African games online.

    Rag games Nigeria.

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